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Fargo Season 3 plot predictions! Our BuzzChomp TV vlog.

Fargo Season 3 is still filming and likely to air in April, with the details of season 3 pretty tight lipped. But there are some key plot points we do know already. There are five of them kids and with those plot points we can speculate on some solid predictions!

One of our Fargo Season 3 plot predictions is that this season will most likely start with a crime. How about a murder? The other two seasons of Fargo have revolved around a murder and since last season was so bloody, this season will definitely be just as bloody!

Another Fargo Season 3 plot prediction revolves around Ewan McGregor’s character. He’s playing brothers who fight over a stamp collection. One brother is a parking lot kingpin and the other brother is a fat, balding, corrections officer. Will one of these brothers die? Find out why we think so!

Those are jut two of our Fargo Season 3 plot predictions! The cast has been rounded out. It’s going to be another stellar one and we know that much like the other two seasons of Fargo, there will be twists and turns!

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