Daily Fitness: Simple with Push-Ups and Dips

It doesn’t have to be tough starting and keeping a daily fitness routine. It can be simple with push-ups and dips daily! For months now I’ve added these two simple exercises into my daily routine and I love it!


When I found out I was pregnant I knew one thing was certain, I would keep my daily fitness routine. Putting on weight is an inevitable part of pregnancy, but I believe that keeping true to who you are will make you feel better! Pregnant or not, we all need to take care of our bodies and this simple daily fitness routine is perfect. I started adding in dips and push-ups every morning about a year ago, prior to knowing I was pregnant, and I’ve never felt stronger. They are now a mainstay of my morning and give me confidence as my belly keeps growing.

One of my fitness goals has always been to have nice, cut lady arms. For whatever reason, its been the hardest goal for me to achieve. My man always told me to do more push-ups and I always knew he was right, but for some reason I didn’t commit to them. When I first decided to do push-ups and dips daily, I felt amazing. I started by doing ten push-ups and twenty dips every day. I could feel the benefits and wanted more. I quickly upped my set of push-ups from ten to twenty. Now that I’m pregnant, the push-ups have gotten more challenging and I’ve adjusted by going down onto my knees. I was getting pains in my lower back, so I backed off. If you need to begin on your knees, then do it! The benefits are just as amazing.

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I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with push-ups. They are a great, approachable exercise, but they can be hard! Push-ups are daunting and confronting, which is the best thing for a daily fitness routine. Mastering them every morning has been great for me. It’s a real confidence builder and the strength I feel is wonderful. Its one reason why this simple routine is so good.


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I first fell in love with dips during a thirty-day fitness challenge I did last year, but I didn’t keep up with them initially. I’d purchased a bar designed for pull-ups and dips, so I didn’t even have to go anywhere to do them. Not to mention, you can do them on a chair or a bench! I had no excuse, so I decided to add dips into my daily fitness routine. They are just as simple as push-ups!

My daily routine consists of twenty push-ups and twenty dips, and it’s been great! I’m getting the toned arms I always wanted. If you just looked at my arms, you’d never be able to tell that I’m pregnant. They look the best that they’ve ever looked! I feel super strong when I do the dips every morning. Twenty is the perfect amount for me and it feels great. I feel strong!

Adding in push-ups and dips every day is simple. It truly is a great add to your daily fitness. It’s amazing how doing these two exercises has changed the entire definition and tone of my arms! They have made me feel so strong and they’re two exercises that I will continue to do long after my pregnancy. I can’t wait until I can up my reps. I’m excited to see how that will change my body even more!


Start thinking and believing that it’s easy to create and keep a daily fitness routine, because it is! Begin with two simple exercises, push-ups and dips. You will wonder why you didn’t start this routine sooner!


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